Glass Films to Make Windows Opaque

There are many ways to make windows opaque. One of the most convenient, practical and economical ways is to use opaque glass films. There are many types of opaque glass window films available in the market today. Most of these are economical and easy to apply. However, you should note that not all glass window films are created equal and you should buy only from manufacturers that are reliable.

There are many types of opaque glass window films available in the market. These are made of vinyl material, and they are available as adhesive-free or adhesive-based. We strongly suggest that you buy those that are adhesive-free based as these types of vinyl films are easy to install, even as a DIY project by yourself or in a group of two people.

Of all the types and designs to make your window opaque, the etched glass window films, the stained glass films and the frosted window glass films are the most popular choices. Frosted glass window films are popular as it can turn your windows to be totally opaque. If you would want just a semi-opaque design, then you can consider the lite frost design.

One advantage of using opaque glass window films is that it will still allow natural light in while blocking off unwanted views. Many people are using this type of window films on their bathroom windows. While nobody can look through the bathroom window glass, light will still stream through the window films.

The other types of window films that are popular is the stained glass window films. In the past, stained glasses are used only in churches. This is no longer the case as more and more home owners seemed to appreciate the beauty of the coloured glasses designs that originated since the Medieval times. Lights that shine through stained glass window films are diffused creating a very elegant ambience for the room.

There are also many designs available using etched glass window films. Installing adhesive-free based vinyl films on glass windows are very easy and in minutes even the most ordinary clear looking glass can be transformed to look like they cost hundreds of dollars.

Vinyl films for windows had came a long way, and they certainly do not make your glass windows look cheap. As a matter of fact, they look elegant on any pieces of glass windows. Vinyl films are not limited to glass windows only. They can be easily installed on glass doors too.

If you are installing opaque window glass films for home for the first time, then you should try on a smaller window panes first. You will usually require no more than 15 minutes to install them on a smaller pane window. When you have understood how it works, then you can attempt them on larger piece windows.



3 Responses to “Glass Films to Make Windows Opaque”

  1. Window Film That Is Opaque Says:

    […] There is now many simple ways to convert any clear glass in your house to become opaque glass. Many owners would just install window blinds and curtains to keep out the light. The major disadvantage with this is that you will need to turn one the lights all the time. Otherwise, your room will be very dark. There is another good solution – considering opaque glass window film. […]

  2. Glass Window Opaque Films | Home Improvement | Garden Tool Store Says:

    […] Making glass opaque is one of the most searched for solutions for many home owners. Many home owners in the past would just install some blinds and curtains to keep light out in order to make it opaque. There are also others who would just apply window tinting film in order to make their windows opaque. Some others just use window glass spray. There is another good solution – making use of opaque window film. […]

  3. Window Opaque Films | Your House & Home Says:

    […] Window Opaque Films May 26th, 2009 Posted in House How do you make a window glass opaque? There are many ways how you can make your glass window opaque. In the past, to make your window opaque, you would have to either replace it with a frosted glass or you completely tint it using window tinting. One practical and convenient solution is to applying opaque window film. […]

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